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Please Contact: Admin & Sifu Joseph Awad on- Phone: (02) 9631 5024 Mobile: 0418 664 923 (Between 9am – 6pm / Monday to saturday) Email: jahungchi@bigpond.com

What is Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu?‎
A few hundred years ago, Chinese monks in the North and Southern Temples had devised a few training system that ‎made them: Fit, Strong, Defend themselves & Be Spiritually enriched. Over the years, Animals & Element skills and movements were modified to produce strong bodies and effective Self Defence skills, into art styles. ‎

Some monks went further and integrated some of the Animal and Element techniques that produced many styles of kung fu. Too many to name. Such main Styles like in the:

‎Northern regions of China:‎‎- Tai chi, Bagua Zhang, Xingyi Quan,

Southern regions of China:‎‎- Hung Gar, Wing Tsun, Choi Li Fut, Praying Mantis.‎

All Such different styles of Kung Fu, were kept secret, since each style, was specific to particular regions of China. The ‎Security and Protection of each region depended on it. Such Kung Fu Styles were only passed on to family and sect ‎members in that region. Occasionally to select few that were known to be righteous, good hearted and religious. Back then, It ‎was a privilege to be taught the art of Wu Shu – Kung Fu by a master. ‎

In the 1800,s the Emperor of Chinese had taught his Imperial arm the Hung Gar style!‎

Since the 1900′s Kung Fu started to spread outside China and incomplete and Bastardised systems of kung fu emerged, with ‎fancy names and applications, to the naive masses.

Over Sifu Joseph’s 40 years of experience in Southern style of Hung Gar training & qualifications in the latter and further training with other styles of: Wing Chun, Tai Chi Chuan (Yang), Bagua, and Chi Gong. Sifu further integrate ‎such experiences and knowledge, into the Hung system of training. Furthermore, his studies and work in social work, Psychology and counselling background, was added to complement the powerful Hung ‎Gar art style of Kung Fu. The Chi Gong art, is mainly taught to students to empower the Chi and Healing energies within them. ‎

Art Training History of Sifu Joseph Awad since 1972:
Sifu Joseph is accredited by the Chinese Kung Fu Association of Australia as a Sifu (teacher) and by the NSW Department of Sport & Recreation in Sydney as a Coach. Sifu is an 8th generation descendant in the Art of Hung Gar Style. Sifu has studied mainly under the following Masters:

- Sifu Colin Chau (Hung Gar, Tai Chi & Lama). Our Grand Master is YC. Wong

- Sifu Gregory Choy (Wing Cheung),

- Sifu Chou (Jow Gar), - Sifu Ma (Pac Me)

- Sifu Earl Montague (Ba Gua),

- Sifu Le Jinrong (Chi Gong),

-Studied under Two Rinpoche teachers: Renchi and from the Dali Lama, about Buddhism and a life’s spiritual journey.

This Academy’s training regime with the special creation of levels and Sash grades, evolving over the years, greatly benefit, Kids and ‎Adults alike, Especially to the martial art seeker, where Hung Gar has proven itself in many battlefields of ‎war. The Chi Gong art, also helps to maintain ones Peaceful and Positive outlook.‎

Train to be: Healthy, Positive, Disciplines, Creative & Happy

: Fit, Strong, Bold and Fearless. ‎

: Defend yourself & others, even though you may be timid & small in size ‎

: Feel safe in front of: Ruthless, Unjust and Violet people,‎

: Learn to be calm, Confident and in Control of your life, in times of stress.‎

Whether you like exercise or not, your Body and Mind need these Activities & Abilities. ‎

Come and experience this adventure for a short time or a life long journey, through the comprehensive Hung Gar & Chi Gong art ‎styles of Kung Fu we teach. ‎

Come to our main centre in Rowe Place Greystanes on:
Tuesdays & Thursday: Kids- (1h) 5.30pm & Adults- (1 ½ h) 6.30 pm
Saturday: Kids- 9.00 am & Adults- 10.00 am.‎

Private lessons are also available with Sifu & our Instructors of over 10 years experience:‎

‎- Sifu- Greystanes / Parramatta and neighbouring suburbs‎

‎- Chris- Gladesville / Sydney and Neighbouring suburbs‎

‎- Tim- Penrith and neighbouring suburbs.‎

This Academy is for people that have come to realise that they need an Institution like our Academy, to help Nurture and Mature them through their personal life journey. I also believe that no one can do it by themselves, unless they are very gifted and exceptional, through exceptional circumstances and Gods aid. This Academy can help with this process and with Sifu mentoring you along the way, He can help to bring you to a better to your life and help you to begin to enjoy what ever you have and what you put your life’s energy into.or Adults.

In Summary:
One needs to stop at times and observe the quality of enjoyment one is having and ones engagements in life, to arrive at a better utilisation of ones time and efforts that will help to shed off: Illusions, Crippling fears, Abuse and Power struggles, that only serve to make you act out in anger, being enslaved to habits and negative attitudes that don’t do you justice nor give you any lasting fulfilment, but make you always feeling hungry, empty and a prisoner of your own poor thinking, Habits and emotions in the sea of vagueness.

This Academy respects and values all students, no matter of: Colour, Race, Religion, Education, Arrogance and Ignorance’s. There are real truths that lies behind our training processes in this Academy from: Sifu and the Instructors at hand, that will help you to see it through in your training levels and the Philosophy that is based on Equality, Individuality, Value for life and a Christian religious base that teaches good standards of behaviour, God’s personal love and support for each of us at hand in faith. Not all religions or Christian churches are authentic in their teachings of love and energy.

Things to Contemplate on : We need to realise that this life we each have, in this life time, is for becoming the best that we can be and do the best that we can do to others, in our own surrounding world. Each come in a different type of Body shape, Skin colour, culture, country and backgrounds. We do injustice and undermine ourselves, when we get caught up in frivolous acts and behaviours when we each push our: Passions, Ego, Wealth, Greed or indulgence to dangerous levels. Such acts always lead to problems and pains along the way. Though we are each able to do that, we don’t have to do that.

Most of our time needs to be devoted to the improvement of Ourselves from within. This is the great challenge and needs one’s dedication and time, because within that realm, True and lasting: Peace, Joy, Excitement and real purpose do exist. Life has a galore of Entertainments and Vocations from one’s level of: Education, Occupations, Business to Marriage and having Children, your offspring’s. Yet none can be really more personally fulfilling than ones Inner Mental and Physical Health, Personal growth, to be Oneself, Be Enlightenment and find God, the power that can move mountains and make our true dreams come true for us, but only in Faith, living the path set before us by God .

In this Academy, we invite you to come and Learn a true Art of Mind and Body, through the Styles of Hung Gar Kung Fu and Chi Gong art for Meditation and Peace within.

The Hung Gar Style

This Style is so powerful that it was taught to the Imperial army of China. We teach this art inline with the Shaolin temple’s training regime. This Traditional training approach Strengthens the Mind and Body through rigorous training that elevates ones thresholds in all areas in oneself, essential to ones Mental and Physical Health, Fitness and Power, thus empowering a student to dissolve Inner fears and high anxiety that stand in ones happiness and freedom in ones life.
Empowerment is harnessed through:
- Positive thinking,
– Self Discipline,
- Spiritual knowledge
- Support and Mentoring from Sifu & Instructors at this Academy, maintains the Heritage and Legacy of this Art style.

Students of this Academy training their External and Internal power energies simultaneously, unlike many other styles of kung Fu. One becomes Empowerment and develop an Iron like Body and Will, that allows ones Power and Energy to flow through the body for exceptional feats and Youthful experience with Vigour for the over 50 yo+.

The Chi Gong Art

(Chi: Life Energy/Force and Gong: the way to harness them) Chi Gong training uses less physical exercises focusing on: Calmness, Positive Meditation, slow unique stretches to stimulate healing to each part of the body, through Eighteen particular exercises, that also fill the body and mind with Chi energy and power. Advanced students will also be able to project Chi energy at will. This Mind-Internal art of Kung Fu is easy to learn and exciting to do. Those movements will activate the Chi Life force within your Mind that flows through your Body, to Energise and ignite your healing power within and to connect to the energy in our universe. A must for Adults.

Come on this exciting Journey.

Introductory Offer: 50% off the monthly fees.

Whether you want to try Hung Gar or Chi Gong or both Art systems, its up to you. You will enjoy your time and journey with us. For more info. Please ring us on 02 96315024.

Come to us in this Academy, to fill up with the super foods and energy that no one can take away or starve you off, from the inner joy and growth, we all seek in our life time and that is not long at all. Mortality is very evident if you have lost someone you cared for or loved. Just look at the Media and see the many unexpected Attacks, injuries and Deaths around our world. Its never too late to learn. Contact: Admin & Sifu Joseph Phone: (02) 9631 5024 Mobile: 0418 664 923 (Between 9am – 6pm / Monday to saturday) Email: jahungchi@bigpond.com


martial art styles

Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu for Self defence and Power training – (Hung Gar / Chi Gong):


  •  Traditioanl Shaolin Training
  •  Chi Gong Style : Health and Healing, moving meditation, Chi Power and Healing.
  •  Kung Fu : For Discipline, Calm and Self Esteem
  •  Wushu
  •  Hung Gar style: used by the Imperial army of China.
  •  Heal The Body


Class Days & Times

Hung Gar Course:

Lessons for Kids (7-11 yo)  1.5 hours per lesson, are on:        Tuesdays & Thursdays at 5.00-6.30pm  / Saturdays;  9.00am to 10.30am

Lessons for Adults & 12+ yo 2 hours per lesson:                     Tuesdays & Thursday at; 6:30 -8:30pm  /  Saturdays at: 10.30am-12.30pm
(Chi Gong meditation is incorporated into the adult training for .30 minutes, per lesson)

Course: Chi Gong Art training
Lessons : Tuesdays & Thursdays at 8.00-9.00pm  & Saturdays at .8.00-9.00am.

Private lessons:  available as organized with sifu Joseph, Please ring the Academy to make an appointment.  Private lessons can be shared by one or two other students, to reduce the cost to learn with a friend



Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu Academy
8 Rowe Place, Greystanes NSW  Sydney Australia 2145,
off Merrylands road, into Kippax st.
Phone: 0418 664 923