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Training Days, Times & Fees

Training Days, Times & Fees

Days: Tuesday & Thursday classes for 12+ yo at: 6.30pm to 8.00pm. For family convenience, 8+ yo siblings can join in to.
Fees: are paid each month, in Advance. All Fees include compulsory insurance cover:
- Kids - 6-11yo: $60.00 a Month, for 1x Lesson a week for all the weeks in each paid month.
- Students- 12 yo +: $80,00 a Month, for a 1.5 hours a lesson per week, for all the weeks in each paid month.
- Adults: $90.00 a Month, for 1.5 hour lesson a week, for all the weeks in each paid month.

All Level & Sash Grading are Free. Level Certificates awarded cost $2.00 each.
All Grade Certificates and colored sashes awarded cost $30.00 per Grade.

Level Training notes are available at $5.00 per sash Grade.
Initial training folder, which includes the training exercises for all the Grades + the White sash grade notes, cost: $10.00.

When comparing our training costs, please keep in mind that the cost is reflective of this Selective, Specialty Art of Kung Fu. This art is not a mixed Martial arts system of training to fight in a controlled environment like the ring or cage. But a holistic approach to Health & Fitness, especially for kids

This Art of Kunf Fu training has been further enhanced by our Sifu Joseph to improve ones: Positive thinking, self Esteem, Calmness. Flow, and spiritual aspects of this wonderful life you can have & the power that can be with you through this Art.

For more Information Please call us on: 0418664923. For more info, please call between: 9.00am-6.00pm on Mondays to Saturdays.
or semd us an Email on: jahungchi@bigpond.com Please be patient for a reply or phone us otherwise.

11+ & Adults, Hung Gar Art style: (1 ½ hour per lesson)

Tues./ Thurs.; 6.30–8.00 pm. / Saturday: 10.00–11.30 am

Fees: $79.00 a Month: 1x lesson a week, All weeks in a month

: $160. for 3x lessons a week ($53.) “Families can use this”

Training & Grading regime, yearly access on the net $30.

Uniform: $60.00 - 2x Top with Academy’s Badge on & 1x Pant

Grading: $20.00 Quarterly, for Grading & Level Certificate.

: $50.00 For Sash & Certificate awarded, per Grade.

“Please call to book your attendance – It’s private and by invitation only”

Academy’s Training Days / Times & Fees

All Monthly fees, are paid in advance. Insurance cover included.

Please Note, for any Missed lessons:

Must be made up on another day, within each current month.

Kids, 7-10 yo, Hung Gar Kung Fu: (1 hour per lesson)

Tues. / Thurs.; 5.30- 6.30 pm. / Sat.: 9.00–10.00 am

Fees: $59.00 a Month: 1x lesson a week, All weeks in a month

: $120. for 3x lessons a week ($40.). “Families can use this”

Chi Gong Art style: (1 hour lesson)

Tues. / Thurs; 8.00–9.00 pm. / Sat.: 11.30 am–12.30 pm

Fees: $59.00 a month, 1x lesson a week, All weeks in a month

: $120. for 3x lessons a week.($40.) “Families can use this”

Private lessons: (1x lesson a week, all the weeks in a month)
.Group Students: $40. for a .30 min. lesson, $70. for 1x hour

.Non G/Students: $80. for 1x hour lesson a week. paid monthly

: $100. for 2x adults or 1 adult & 2 kids, per L.

paid monthly. “Families can use this”

- 10% off for family & concession holders for non special fees.

For more Information Please call us on:
Ph: 02 96315024 / 0418664923.
Between 8.00am-6.00pm on Mondays to Saturdays.
Email: jahungchi@bigpond.com

martial art styles

Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu for Self defence and Power training – (Hung Gar / Chi Gong):


  •  Traditioanl Shaolin Training
  •  Chi Gong Style : Health and Healing, moving meditation, Chi Power and Healing.
  •  Kung Fu : For Discipline, Calm and Self Esteem
  •  Wushu
  •  Hung Gar style: used by the Imperial army of China.
  •  Heal The Body



Course : Hung Gar

Lessons for Kids 7-11 yo :  are on Tuesdays & Thursdays at 5.30-6.30p / Saturdays;  10.30am to 11.30am
Lessons for Adults & 12+ yo:  Tuesdays & Thursday at; 6:30 -8:00pm & Saturdays at: 9am-10.30am
(Chi Gong meditation in incorporated into the adult training for .15 minutes, per lesson)

Course: Chi Gong Art training
Lessons : Tuesdays & Thursdays at 8.00-9.00pm  & Saturdays at .8.00-9.00am.

Private lessons available as organized with sifu Joseph, Please ring academy to make an appointment.  Private lessons can be shared by one or two other students, to reduce the cost & learn more efficiently



Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu Academy
8 Rowe Place, Greystanes NSW  Sydney Australia 2145,
off Merrylands road, into Kippax st.
Phone: 0418 664 923