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Training Days, Times & Fees

Training Days, Times & Fees

Days: Tuesday & Thursday classes for 12+ yo at: 6.30pm to 8.00pm. For family convenience, 8+ yo siblings can join in to.
Fees: are paid each month, in Advance. All Fees include compulsory insurance cover:
- Kids - 6-11yo: $60.00 a Month, for 1x Lesson a week for all the weeks in each paid month.
- Students- 12 yo +: $80,00 a Month, for a 1.5 hours a lesson per week, for all the weeks in each paid month.
- Adults: $90.00 a Month, for 1.5 hour lesson a week, for all the weeks in each paid month.

All Level & Sash Grading are Free. Level Certificates awarded cost $2.00 each.
All Grade Certificates and colored sashes awarded cost $30.00 per Grade.

Level Training notes are available at $5.00 per sash Grade.
Initial training folder, which includes the training exercises for all the Grades + the White sash grade notes, cost: $10.00.

When comparing our training costs, please keep in mind that the cost is reflective of this Selective, Specialty Art of Kung Fu. This art is not a mixed Martial arts system of training to fight in a controlled environment like the ring or cage. But a holistic approach to Health & Fitness, especially for kids

This Art of Kunf Fu training has been further enhanced by our Sifu Joseph to improve ones: Positive thinking, self Esteem, Calmness. Flow, and spiritual aspects of this wonderful life you can have & the power that can be with you through this Art.

For more Information Please call us on: 0418664923. For more info, please call between: 9.00am-6.00pm on Mondays to Saturdays.
or semd us an Email on: jahungchi@bigpond.com Please be patient for a reply or phone us otherwise.

11+ & Adults, Hung Gar Art style: (1 ½ hour per lesson)

Tues./ Thurs.; 6.30–8.00 pm. / Saturday: 10.00–11.30 am

Fees: $79.00 a Month: 1x lesson a week, All weeks in a month

: $160. for 3x lessons a week ($53.) “Families can use this”

Training & Grading regime, yearly access on the net $30.

Uniform: $60.00 - 2x Top with Academy’s Badge on & 1x Pant

Grading: $20.00 Quarterly, for Grading & Level Certificate.

: $50.00 For Sash & Certificate awarded, per Grade.

“Please call to book your attendance – It’s private and by invitation only”

Academy’s Training Days / Times & Fees

All Monthly fees, are paid in advance. Insurance cover included.

Please Note, for any Missed lessons:

Must be made up on another day, within each current month.

Kids, 7-10 yo, Hung Gar Kung Fu: (1 hour per lesson)

Tues. / Thurs.; 5.30- 6.30 pm. / Sat.: 9.00–10.00 am

Fees: $59.00 a Month: 1x lesson a week, All weeks in a month

: $120. for 3x lessons a week ($40.). “Families can use this”

Chi Gong Art style: (1 hour lesson)

Tues. / Thurs; 8.00–9.00 pm. / Sat.: 11.30 am–12.30 pm

Fees: $59.00 a month, 1x lesson a week, All weeks in a month

: $120. for 3x lessons a week.($40.) “Families can use this”

Private lessons: (1x lesson a week, all the weeks in a month)
.Group Students: $40. for a .30 min. lesson, $70. for 1x hour

.Non G/Students: $80. for 1x hour lesson a week. paid monthly

: $100. for 2x adults or 1 adult & 2 kids, per L.

paid monthly. “Families can use this”

- 10% off for family & concession holders for non special fees.

For more Information Please call us on:
Ph: 02 96315024 / 0418664923.
Between 8.00am-6.00pm on Mondays to Saturdays.
Email: jahungchi@bigpond.com

martial art styles

Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu for Self defence and Power training – (Hung Gar / Chi Gong):


  •  Traditioanl Shaolin Training
  •  Chi Gong Style : Health and Healing, moving meditation, Chi Power and Healing.
  •  Kung Fu : For Discipline, Calm and Self Esteem
  •  Wushu
  •  Hung Gar style: used by the Imperial army of China.
  •  Heal The Body


Class Days & Times

Hung Gar Course:

Lessons for Kids (7-11 yo)  1.5 hours per lesson, are on:        Tuesdays & Thursdays at 5.00-6.30pm  / Saturdays;  9.00am to 10.30am

Lessons for Adults & 12+ yo 2 hours per lesson:                     Tuesdays & Thursday at; 6:30 -8:30pm  /  Saturdays at: 10.30am-12.30pm
(Chi Gong meditation is incorporated into the adult training for .30 minutes, per lesson)

Course: Chi Gong Art training
Lessons : Tuesdays & Thursdays at 8.00-9.00pm  & Saturdays at .8.00-9.00am.

Private lessons:  available as organized with sifu Joseph, Please ring the Academy to make an appointment.  Private lessons can be shared by one or two other students, to reduce the cost to learn with a friend



Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu Academy
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off Merrylands road, into Kippax st.
Phone: 0418 664 923