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The Grading System

A Summary of The Grading System in this Academy

Email: jahungchi@bigpond.com For more info please call Ph: 02 96315024 / 0418664923 The following is a summary of the special Grading system and levels for the personal development in the Hung Gar & Chi Gong Arts in this Academy: There are 8 Grades and different skill Levels to achieve in each Art Style. Sashes & Certificates are only awarded to students, once the competency standard is reached for each Level and that Grade. How often one is awarded depends on ones training dedication and training at Home, revising what was taught in each Lesson. This Academy is not out to entertain but teach an Art. So years of attendance, does not guarantee any awards without competency, like many Martial Arts Schools .

The Grading is Free and comprehensive. Its about making sure you have confidence to stand up for yourself and others. Its about your ability to protect your self when the need is there. The training helps to equip you to better manage your emotions, Work, Family and Personal life.

Expect to see great changes to your attitude and behaviour, since our Sifu has training in Psychology and experience in counselling and his commitment as a Sifu, to be there for you in times of trial and joy. This is a unique and special opportunity to take advantage of, while he is willing to give more of his time to you.

In this Academy, you are expected to give 100% commitment to your Self development and Art training. To achieve the Sash Grades at hand, that hold special skills of achievement and growth. Again this is not just a Sport or Fitness program or a powerful Self Defence system, but a way of life, to make changes to yourself in: Attitude, Behaviour and Tolerance.

Usually, This Art training is not easy, due mainly to ones poor fitness, health state and the amount of Negative restrictive baggage one has been carrying in ones life since birth. So to develop, one would need to become strong in body and mind, to off load a lot of that negative and restrictive boundaries, to free ones mind and relax the body. Your commitment to a Daily Practice regime is essential, to help you achieve efficiency and good progression through the coloured Sash grading system, to become the Assertive, Fearless and Beautiful warm person from within.

Once you join as a member of this Academy, you will have access to the Members section, where the special training curriculum, notes and videos which are gradually posted ,are available to you as a Student of this Academy.

Chi Gong – Health and Healing
Hung Gar – Forms
Sash Gradings
Basic Self-Defence
* Commit- Attend- Train: to Achieve Mastery in your Self and chosen Art.

martial art styles

Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu for Self defence and Power training – (Hung Gar / Chi Gong):


  •  Traditioanl Shaolin Training
  •  Chi Gong Style : Health and Healing, moving meditation, Chi Power and Healing.
  •  Kung Fu : For Discipline, Calm and Self Esteem
  •  Wushu
  •  Hung Gar style: used by the Imperial army of China.
  •  Heal The Body


Class Days & Times

Hung Gar Course:

Lessons for Kids (7-11 yo)  1.5 hours per lesson, are on:        Tuesdays & Thursdays at 5.00-6.30pm  / Saturdays;  9.00am to 10.30am

Lessons for Adults & 12+ yo 2 hours per lesson:                     Tuesdays & Thursday at; 6:30 -8:30pm  /  Saturdays at: 10.30am-12.30pm
(Chi Gong meditation is incorporated into the adult training for .30 minutes, per lesson)

Course: Chi Gong Art training
Lessons : Tuesdays & Thursdays at 8.00-9.00pm  & Saturdays at .8.00-9.00am.

Private lessons:  available as organized with sifu Joseph, Please ring the Academy to make an appointment.  Private lessons can be shared by one or two other students, to reduce the cost to learn with a friend



Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu Academy
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