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Hung Gar Style

Hung Gar Style

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The Wu Shu taught in our Academy comes from the Hung Gar system. This unique art of Kung Fu develops the Internal and External energies simulataneously. This allows the mind and body to work together, making it satisfying to all people, regarless of their activeness level or age group. The most important qualities for a student of this art to have is patience, to have a good character, self-worth and to value ones self and ones life.

Hung Gar is a style of Kung Fu that combine advanced Internal and External training regimes, it makes this art a formidable Self Defence System to learn. This Art style is suitable for all age groups. Hung style is so powerful that our master was commissioned to teach the imperial army of China and had gone into battle to defend the country against army invaders and ruthless bandits in China. Hung Gar system was a closed door art for many years and still well guarded since it’s introduced to the public back in 1800. This Academy has continued to teach the complete art to worthy students that have a good Character & Moral standing since 1985

Hung Gar Style is based on the Five Animals and Five Elements systems. The unique power and balance of the Five Animals and Five Elements training, had made masters of this powerful art invincible in battle, in the days of spears and swords, since each of the five Animals and five Elements when combine, develop the mind and body towards good health, with great focus ability and will to assert oneself in life.

The Five Animals give the following benefits and ability:

Tiger: Leopard: Crane: Snake: Dragon:
The Five Elements give the following benefits and ability:

Air: Fire: Water: Wood: Earth:
Based on the Five Animals technique and the Five Elements fighting techniques, this style almost made fighters of this Style invincible in battle, as the imperial army had shown so in battle after they learn the Hung gar style of Kung Fu. Other army regiments that did not training in this art faired very badly in battles.

That is why the Hung Gar style was called: Hard As Iron – Soft As a thread system

HUNG GAR is a rare Traditional ShaoLin style of Kung Fu, that is worth doing, if you can find the right Sifu that can instruct you properly in this art.

Sifu Joseph is the Seventh generation down from Master Wong Fei Hung and his grand master id YC Wong. Learning Kung Fu, is different from knowing Kung Fu and being able to teach it.
Look for a Sifu that has a more direct lineage of this art. Need a Sifu / Instructor that has a lot of teaching experience, has the right Attitude towards the students safety and wellbeing, Has good Temperament, caring, positive attitude and a good Personality with Spiritual values, before you put your time, effort and money into it.

Kung Fu is an experience of a lifetime of: Positive Change, Self Control and Will, that will take you past any adventure you may be able to conjure up. Its a personal journey, a way of life.

More Information and knowledge is found in the members section when you join and become students of this Academy

For more info please call Ph: 02 96315024 / 0418664923

Hung Gar Training curriculum for this Academy:

The following is the Training Curriculum as taught to students in the training hall:
This is the Adult’s Warm Ups & Conditioning Training Regime of this Academy:

# Students to do this regime before doing any martial arts. “Use equipment as directed”.
Train to your own ability to prevent injury. Report to instructor if you feel: Unwell or Unsafe.

1. Salute : (Training preparation regime- .30 min.)

2. Do The 3- Positive Affirmation Verses with Breath & weights: (Recite each 3xs x3)

a. In Horse Stance: I have Energy, Strength, Control & Power in myself & in my life
b. In Solar Stance: I am Calm, Relaxed, Positive & Assertive in myself & my life
c. In Crane Stance: I Love & Believe in myself, God’s Power is with me

3. Stretch the Whole Body & Legs: (10xs each then use foam pad, 20xs per mode)
4- Arm Swings: 1. Up, 2. Down, 3. Sides, 4. Waist turns, 5. Leg stretches; front/sides.

4. Power up Body: (30xs per move)
1. Catapult, 30xs

2. Frog Jump up on the spot: 5x Stretches, 15x Hops, 5x Stretches, 15x Hops,

3. Palm to Knee Exercise: (100xs)
10xs Medium, 30xs Fast, 5xs Medium, 30xs Fast, 5xs Medium, 30xs Fast, 10xs Slow.

7. Speed Punching & Kicking: (30 sets per move)

a. Punch Pads: 1. Top, 2. Upper cut, 3. Hook, 4. Down - chest level: (30 sets per punch)

b. Kick leg Pads: (15 xs per move)
1. Groin, 2. Front kicks / Brown + Grades do also: 3. Kick the kick, 4. Punch the punch

8. Iron Arms Training: “With Self or Partnered & On Wooden Dummy”
a. Square Circular Roll Power Arms:;
1x Hard / 1x Soft, Each cycle in turn- 10+10- per side.

b. Iron Arms on Self / Others, / Wooden Dummy:
Use Arms -500xs / S-Students: Use Block/Punch sets with partner- 100xs

9. Grade Level - Skill Training: (60 minutes Grade + Skill Training)

- Do your Grades Skill Training Regime: Bridge Stances: Legs, Arms - Use wrist weights

- Practice your Grades: Ball Play, Punches, Blocks, Kicks & Forms in your Grade.

10. Finish off by Reciting this Academy’s K/F Affirmations 10xs. Plus Salute Your Sifu/Inst..

11. Chi Gong Exercises: (.30 min. Duration)
1. Breath with the 3x Elements: a. Earth, b. Sky & c. Air in centre - Focus chi-hand
2. Loose all the Body with Arm swings, side & up/down – Arms & Legs

3. Meditate on the 3- States of the Flame: Use the Singing bowl – receipt 10xs
a. Clarity: Light in Mind. c. Energy: In Mind & Body
b. Love: Warmth in Heart- love & believe, . d. Activate Chi with breath & Do Body

4. Massage / Pat whole Body with partner.

12. Salute: Art, Sifu & Instructors at the end of each session


Stage 1 - White Sash Grade Levels: (6 Months duration @ 3x a week training)

* In All Levels Do The Power Bridges. (* Break Level 1 wood with each hand)

4-Leg Bridge Stances (1 min. each): 1. Horse, 2. Bow-Arrow, 3. Cat, 4. Crane.

4-Arm Bridge Stances (1-min. each): 1. Fl.-Dragon, 2. Iron Fists, 3. Iron Ramp, 4. Dragon legs

Level 1- Certificate: (3- Months Duration)

1. Ball play 1- Vertical floor Bounce: Do 300xs / 60 xs in .25 sec. per hand. (To knee level).

Learn the Basic 3- Punch, Block & Kick Sets:

2. The 3- Block Set: (Do 100 sets per block on W-Pole / 100xs, the 3-Block sets in 120 sec.)

1. Middle block - Block forwards across Middle – “Use the Blocks for defence”
2. High block - Block forwards Up across
3. Low block - Block down across, Backwards

3. The 3- Punch Set: (Do 300 sets per punch on Bag, / 100xs, the 3-Punch sets in 120 seconds)

1. Middle punch - ½ spin fist to the centre – “Use the Punches for Defence/Attack”
2. High punch - ¼ spin fist to the top
3. Low punch - ¼ spin fist to the groin

4. The 3- Kick Set: (Do 300 kicks per side on Bag, Then 100 kicks in 100 Sec. per kick)

1. Groin kick - Shift weight to kick – “Use the Kicks for defence & Attack”
2. Back kick - Lean forwards towards the same side of the kick, Use other leg to kick
3. Front kick - Kick from Hip to centre, Projecting leg from hip forwards

Level 2 - Certificate: (3- Months Duration)

1. Ball Play 2- V-floor Bounce: (Do 300 V-Bounces, / Then 100 V bounces in 100 Sec.)

2. Apply The 3- Punch Against The 3- Block Sets –:
a. Do the 3-Punch / Block combined sets; 100 - 3 B/P sets in 50-60 seconds, Use both hands

3. Cross Block Roll / Punch Set - Long & Short Rolls:
a. Short- Block/Punch simultaneously to Sternum – Punch Head x2
b. Block across body: 1. Inner Block - Punch head x2 / 2. Outer Block - Punch side / head.

Level 3 - Grade Certificate & White Sash: (3- Months Duration)

1. Take the Pearl from the Shell: Do 10xs per side. (Use Ball then Marble. Allow 20% error.)

2. Sticking Hands Part 1 - Double & Single Hand Roll to Break a Lock & Catch Techniques:
Roll against thumb inwards up roll around, In Push & Pull. / Use Elbow if the grab difficult

3. Fast Footwork- Stepping Technique: “Toe to Heel & Turn moves”
a. Forwards: Toe to Heel stepping & Backwards: Toe to Heel- feel the floor with toes

b. Use Partner to Step Push: Other to use Stepping technique to avoid being punched.

c. Spar with The Stepping Technique; using the 3x Block / Punch sets in any combination

4. Break Level 1 sticks: 3x pieces of wood per hand


Stage 2 - Brown Sash Grade (6 Months duration @ 3x a week training) .
* In All Levels Do: Warm ups / Power Exercises / Stances / Sticking Hands

* In All Levels Do The Power Bridges. (1x Min. per stance /* Break Level 2 wood per hand)

5- Leg Bridge Stances : 1. Horse, 2. B-Arrow, 3. Stork, 4. Cat, 5. Crane.

5- Arm Bridge Stances: 1. Fl.-Dragon, 2. I- Fists, 3. I- Ramp, 4. I-Cross, 5. Dragon legs,

Level 1- Certificate:

1. Develop Iron Fist: a. Roll fist in Rock Urn 50x 2, b. P-Sand bag 500x, c. Break wood L:2

2. Learn The 12- Punch Set: (100xs per punch, for each punch type – for each sides)

1. Smash the Coconut: Double fists; Block/ Bump in to Punch Head

2. Lift up the Moon: Bump-Hook down, - Upper cut punch - Head punch

3. Move the Bolder: Slap/block, Hook punch in from side

4. Smash the Log: Block Mid. Down, Side strike to head

5. Break the Chains: Strike up to side / Strike waist / Round house punch to head

6. Clear the Way: Leopard Paw Strike arm joints, Kick knee / back fist head

7. Smash the Wall: Strike Mid. Sideway / Upper cut / Backfist head

8. Smash the Rock: Punch down across body / kick groin / Back fist head

9. Smash the Back Door: Bend S-forward-Elbow Mid. / Strike groin / kick back

10. Smash the Front Door: Lean to the side- Punch Mid. chest / Sweep turn into B-heel kick

11. Smash through the oncoming Force: Lean to the side to Elbow a Strike from the centre

12. Chop the Trunk: Knife hand strike up to Head or Neck or down to collar bone

Level 2 - Certificate:

1. Learn The 12- Block Set: (Do each Block on W/Dummy, for 100xs per side)

1. Middle block 4. Side block 7. Palm & 10. Elbow block up

2. High block 5. Top block 8. Snake blocks 11. Chop upwards

3. Low block 6. Down chop 9. Low block 12. Palm strike to centre

2. Learn the 12 Punch / Block set. Use to spare with partner taking turns in swapping roles.
3. Armadillo Roll: Tuck/Spasm out, Kick/punch, Roll to kick/punch, Roll to stand up.

Level 3 - Grade Certificate & Brown Sash:

1. Balance Ball on each foot: Balance tennis ball on each foot for .60 seconds

2. Learn The 12- Kick Set & Their Blocks: (Do each Block/kick set 50xs – 10-k in 10 sec.)

1. Groin kick, 3. Front kick, 5. Low-Front kick, 7. Leg sweep, 10. Front side kick,
2. Back kick, 4. Low-Back kick, 6. Side kick, 8. Back groin kick, 11. Chin kick,
9. Knee kick 12. F-head Jump kick


Stage 3 - Green Sash Grade Levels Training (12x Months course @ 3x a week) .

* In All Levels Do: Warm ups / Chi Med. / Bridge Stances, Sticking Hands, L 3 Wood/B

6- Leg Bridge Stances (1- min.): 1. Horse, 2. B-Arrow, 3. Stork, 4. Scissors, 5. Cat, 6. Crane

6- Arm Bridge Stances (1-min.): 1. Flying Dragon, 2. Iron Fists, 3. Iron Ramp,
4. Iron Cross, 5. Flying Stork, 6. Flying Dragon

Level 1 - Certificate:

1. Learn to Meditate - Deep Breathing with the Begging Cup: (Do 100 Breaths- Focus on D/T)

a. Form The Cup: Hand on abdomen. Breath In/Out for count of 10 sec. for each. Circle brth.

b. Roll the Tennis Ball down on the palms, for 300 palm change moves

Level 2 - Certificate:

Sticking Hand Part 2 - Develop Sensitivity to Touch & Movement - (Do 100xs per section)

The Four Sticking Hand Moving Set:

1. Low- Palm over Fist: Block by Intercept punch moving in, before it takes momentum

2. High- Palm to Palm: Block /Straight punch - block/back fist strike opponent.

3. Mid.- Palm Over Palm: Back hand slap face – Counter back with waist twist - Slap back

4. Combine all Four Sticking moves: Flow from Low to High to Mid. Slap moves

Level 3 - Grade Certificate & Green Sash: (Break level 2 wood per hand)

1. Iron Arm/Fist Training: Use W-Dummy & Sand bag. Do 500 moves per mode.

2. The Arrow Hand Form: (Do 50xs for each application, with weights & without)

. Perform the moves learnt in the following 3 Modes: Slow, Hard & Fast Modes

a. Palms-finger pointing, Push out straight & in Circles 10xs each, then do the Pull moves

b. Dragon Palm Block/Strike simultaneously twice, On the third, do Three strike to the front.

c. Hammer Hands: Up x3 & Down x3, with each mode having Block & Strike interchanging

d. Twist with Top Block-down, kick inside of both knees, Kick groin, Punch/palm centre.

e. Cross arms at centre, Down Block/Strike & Up Block/Strike or Lock arms simultaneously

f. Cross arms top, D-Block- Pock, block/shoot 5x Arrows, Block down/Side Punch. Right-S

g. Left side Block-High/Low, Roll up block, Punch Mid., Palm jaw, 3x punch. Do other side

h. Chop down 10xs, Slap/Roll/flick eye- shadowless moves. Do other side.

i. Chop twist down to snap, Pearce Hip/Throat / Block twist Up, Snap, Pearce arm Pit/Throat

j. Roll Double Tiger claws x3, Catch hand/ Claw heal chi-claw eyes, Catch Strike with B/claw

k. Step into scissors-low X block down- roll up to Palm/Fist head, Catch hands pull kick chin

l. Double step back sideways from were you stepped, Repeat (K) to other side

m. Step back into Crane stance: Block/Punch 3xs Mid, Top/top, 3xs, fast Punches all in 1-sec.


Stage 4 - Yellow Sash Grade Levels: (12x Months full Course @ 3x a week) .

“Sticking Hands & The 10- Iron Stick set ” .

* Do The 6- Body & Leg-Arm Bridges: 1.5 min. per stance / L4- wood breaks

Level - Certificate:

1. Meditate with Breath: Sitting down, Back straight, Using the begging cup connections

2. Iron Palm / Arm & Leg Training:
Slap Palm on Bean bang – 500xs / Arm on W/D 1000xs / Hammer Legs 100xs x 2

3. Sticking Hands Part 3 - in The A. High Horse & B. Crane Stances:
a. Roll Ball over hand in a continuous circular motion. Do the cycle in both ways 50x2

b. Use up/down arm roll & Incorporate the Block/Back Fist /Side hook to head strikes

4. Sticking Hands Part 4 - Single & Double Hand, - Figure 8 motion set:
a. Interchanging Top Fist to Palm, figure 8 roll. Use elbow for block if rapid punches occur

b. Double Hand flow Interchange: Two hand on one, Circle round, to control & conquer

Level 2 - Certificate:

1. Rolling Chair Technique: Both arms on opponent, Roll Arms down/up in both ways, Control

2. Sticking Hands Part 5: “Learn The 3- Types of Fight Manoeuvres / Application Sets”
a. Cat/Snake Stance Manoeuvre:
High/Low arm stance: Pull-roll/ Push-Poke Interchange. Forwards & Backwards sway/step

b. Bow & Arrow / Scissors Stance Manoeuvre:
Block Kick groin, Drop into scissors for Mid. Punch, To Bow & Arrow for Kick/Punch

c. Circular step Manoeuvre: Side Step-D/Block-strike throat/Chock, Move behind punch head

Level 3 - Grade Certificate & Yellow Sash: * (6-12- Month Duration)

The 10- Stick Play Set: Do 100xs per strike - ( Always stand with arms Crossed)

1. Condition wrist with weighted stick: Use; Up/Down, Sides, Circles in both directions

2. Use Rubber tyre to practice all strikes: Precision, Angles, Power projection.

3. Stick positions: a. Shoulder rest; use but & swings, b. Cross rest: Use swing block/strikes

4. X Stick Power Strikes: a. Top/ Middle/ Low X swings, b. Swing block/strike in X
Use each strike in the combination of Block/Strike move & with the 3x Strike moves.

5. Poke Mid.- Revolve Stick: Roll in the Pull/Push roll, Off their balance & strike Top

6. Top Swing Strikes: Raise arm up - Swing stick to top sides of head x 2

7. Attacks from Behind: Step strike top/Poke, Bend poke mid., Step x2 strike up/down

8. Butt of Stick Strikes: Front top, Sideways, Front angled down / Front Mid./top

9. Stick Butt To Poke-Strike simultaneously: Use for Block-Strike & Strike-Block

10. Disarm Stick: Hook stick at thumb, Twist their stick out across there stick, roll off

martial art styles

Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu for Self defence and Power training – (Hung Gar / Chi Gong):


  •  Traditioanl Shaolin Training
  •  Chi Gong Style : Health and Healing, moving meditation, Chi Power and Healing.
  •  Kung Fu : For Discipline, Calm and Self Esteem
  •  Wushu
  •  Hung Gar style: used by the Imperial army of China.
  •  Heal The Body


Class Days & Times

Hung Gar Course:

Lessons for Kids (7-11 yo)  1.5 hours per lesson, are on:        Tuesdays & Thursdays at 5.00-6.30pm  / Saturdays;  9.00am to 10.30am

Lessons for Adults & 12+ yo 2 hours per lesson:                     Tuesdays & Thursday at; 6:30 -8:30pm  /  Saturdays at: 10.30am-12.30pm
(Chi Gong meditation is incorporated into the adult training for .30 minutes, per lesson)

Course: Chi Gong Art training
Lessons : Tuesdays & Thursdays at 8.00-9.00pm  & Saturdays at .8.00-9.00am.

Private lessons:  available as organized with sifu Joseph, Please ring the Academy to make an appointment.  Private lessons can be shared by one or two other students, to reduce the cost to learn with a friend



Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu Academy
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